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Oz Cleaning Services’ new gutter guard installation service can keep more leaves, dirt and debris out of your gutters.

Our brush gutter guard fits easily in any sized gutter, which makes it faster to install than other types of gutter guards. (This brings the cost down for you.) It also doesn’t require any screws or fittings to hold it in place.

As you can see in the image below: The bristles are strong enough to keep leaves out of your gutter, and continue to allow water and air to flow through, even if leaves settle on top.

The strong spikes on the bristles deter birds and rodents from getting in your gutters.The gutter guard is also simple remove and replace, so if any issues occur it is quick and easy to fix.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If, after installation, you find that the gutter guard we’ve installed does not keep more leaves, dirt and debris out of your gutter… If you find it is not simple to remove and replace, allowing you to clean, or fix any problems with your gutters… Simply let us know, and we will come back to replace your gutter guard for you.

Available 7 days a week

Oz Cleaning Services is available to install your new gutter guard 7 days a week.

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